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Welcome to |RA| Respected Admins!




With long overdue sadness, we regret to inform you that |RA| Respected Admins is no longer operational.

For over a decade, |RA| has supplied the gaming community a Anti-Cheat system that eliminated the chance of running into known hackers and cheaters. For the remainder of 2019, this page will be up and allow access to the SBL files if you would like a copy of them. If you are interested in acquiring RA, its methods, and user database, please contact HERE

Thank you again to everyone in the gaming community who made this possible!


History of RA| Respected Admins

-Home of the Supplemental Ban List -



Founded in 2005, |RA| has been a trusted name in the gaming community where you know you can count on finding good games. The |RA| Supplemental Ban List (SBL) was originally developed for Raven Shield, when hackers were first able to hack and steal clean keys on a regular basis and circumvent their bans and wreak further havoc on the rest of us. The SBL is our personal ban list that consists of "Clean" GUIDS that are directly linked to dirty keys that are currently on the MBL.

Since 2005 our ban list has accurately grown to over 10,000 GUIDs across 8 games. Each day the SBL grows, we are proud to say that each submission is hand checked and validated.

|RA| is a community of gamers who all look for the same thing, cheat-free games. Our Members and Staff include influential members of the gaming community such as PsB Senior Staff, PBBans Staff, TGL Staff, EvenBallance Staff, Infinity Ward Staff, NVidia Developers, and many more. Our Trust has been proven over the years offing Support and General Information to Admins.

Please make yourself at home and take your time to browse our site.


...More About How We Work


Ever played with someone who got busted for hacking and got placed on the MBL? Ever meet that same person again after he was added to a master ban list and is still up to no good? well that was the basis that the RA SBL was formed, the Supplemental Ban List goes beyond what a normal ban list consists of, we take the PsB and PBBans Database of bans and cheaters and keep getting the new GUID's and banning them. After the person has gone and circumvented the Master Ban, we step in and do a thorough analysis their new GUID and cross reference it with their prior information, if it returns positive he is then placed on our ban list for circumventing his master ban.

From the information provided by the |RA| Members we perform extensive checks on banned guids and also any clean guids that the player has acquired. We cross reference the guids with player alias's, I.P address's, location, time of play, and even take xfire into consideration to ensure the player in question is the same player who has previously been globally banned. Once we have established a direct link between the guids, the clean guids are then added to our SBL. We take great pride in knowing that we dont overlook a single submission, our staff that verifies the submissions aren't new to the anti-cheat community, we have staff that are also PsB Senior Staff, PBBans Staff, League Admins, Developers, Coders, and long time members of our gaming community each with the same feeling towards cheats...we cant stomach them.

|RA| isnt an automated system with direct enforcement, we are an organization that is 100% ran by our members. Our members are the ones who provide the data for the SBL, we dont have several thousand members or an arsenal of staff. We are a tight-knit community thats membership originally was on a vote-in basis because we want to build strong relationships with each other, not only will this help the server admins that work hard to ensure clean games, it will also help the community to gain trust and friendship across the gaming community. We want to have a community where you know you can go to each others servers and know that you will find good games and mutual respect for one another.

The |RA| mission is simple, if you make it on the MBL and you try to circumvent your ban, we will get you.




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